July 17, 2017

Summer layers

july look3  

Already half of Summer has gone by and I am still looking forward to my vacation (soon, very soon!) and I don't know about you, but I feel that apart from eating ice cream and cursing the heat, I haven't done much this Summer. I didn't even get a change to swim or buy a new maxi dress!
 Oh well, there is still time I guess; struggling between two jobs with a sick cat does not give me much time for anything lately, one of the reasons of my MIA, actually.

  I hope you are spending this season far more better than I am!

  july look4july look july look5 july look0 july look6  

Wearing: C&A dress, Atmosphere cardigan, vintage bag, Zara shoes.

June 17, 2017

Red and white only

red flare pants1 

 I am a stranger to my own blog. I am guilty of being too cozy at home after a long day of work and my lack of motivation is increasing rapidly. 
What have I been doing these past weeks? Between working two jobs and watching drama shows, I realized Summer officially came and my only accomplishment so far was eating a mountain of cherries in celebration of this season ( I don't know about you, but we only get cherries in June here). In the meantime, I binge-watched "The handmaid's tale" and "13 reasons why" - both drama series, incredibly good and amazingly...raw. If you are into tragic stories, I recommend them dearly.
Also, I am almost done reading "The lilac girls" by Martha Hall Kelly a story of three women during World War II. Being surrounded by these dramatic, actually tragic stories, there is no wonder I feel no excitement towards new projects and any fun plans are obscured by needless thoughts about some random existential crisis.
 I definitely need to read a positive book or watch a fun show, do you have any suggestions? Let me know!

I hope you'll have a brighter weekend than mine!

  red flare pants4red flare pants2 red pants2 red flare pants red flare pants3

Wearing: Bershka pants C&A top, no name sandals New Yorker bag and sunglasses, Onecklace choker

June 5, 2017

Denim skirts and lace tops - the new classic

lace top4 

 Can you believe it's already June? I sure can't! Summer is here and I am dreaming of a looong vacation, countless ice creams and cocktails in the evenings. Until then, a relaxing walk here and there and some photos in the middle, all squeezed in between two jobs - got to pay for that vacation somehow right? 

 I hope you are all doing well and I wish you a great week guys! lace top6 lace top5 lace top lace top3 lace top2 Wearing: Zara top, thrifted skirt, New Yorker bag and sunglasses, vintage earrings, no name sandals